Hands down the most impressive cafe to date. Whole menu is organic vegan and mostly gluten-free, I mean this place SHOUTS hipster like no place else, yes price included. I mean the smoothie was almost 9 bucks, but when you hear the ingredients you just can’t resist widening your eyes and saying yes, yes, yes give it to me now.

They also ask you a question of the day, mine was “Who is your hero?”, and give you table water labeled Peace or Joy or Love and so on. Corny or just idealistically optimistic? It’s your opinion. But I mean, with all the crappy stuff out there, why not give realism a rest?

Can’t wait to go back to this one.  

In photos: I AM TRANSFORMED and I AM COOL at Cafe Gratitude, Larchmont Village, L.A. (and San Francisco).   

Larchmont Village Cafe Gratitude Hipster Cafe Food Smoothie Vegan Organic Gluten free

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